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Meet The RosePOP Planner Team

Meet The Team: Text

Jenny Trejo

Owner and Lead Event Planner

Hey y'all! I am a certified wedding and corporate event planner and have been in the event industry for over a decade - working in Austin since 2014. I believe that event planning is the BEST. JOB. EVER. and I am so proud to be the leader of an amazing team of passionate planners who help clients be a guest at their own party! I love that the RosePOP team gets to help people share quality, fun times together as well as experience new things in a stress-free way! I am super passionate about taking away all the stresses of planning an event from my clients and helping them just enjoy the ride!

After graduating college and beginning my professional dance career, I began to be identified as the logistical, organized one in a group of dancers. While planning performance events, I was always bringing up the many necessary tasks that aren't obviously thought about and those tasks always fell to me. I quickly found out I loved event planning even more than dancing (didn't know that was possible). Whether it be for immersive theater shows, non-profit events, corporate social gatherings, or dance festivals, I had my hands in the planning side of the show. Oh yeah, and I was always performing in the show, too. 

In March of 2020, I was set to be promoted to Corporate Event Planner - finally, I would get to plan events full time! But, 2020 had other plans... I stuck it out at my job but, by the summer, I was moving so far away from my event planning duties, that I had to take matters into my own hands. 

So, in June of 2020, RosePOP was born! Starting an event planning company in the middle of a worldwide pandemic sounds crazy but I was determined and I am truly SO HAPPY I did it! It is totally on-brand for me to take a leap like that during a time like that... 

Event planning is definitely my hobby and I love what I do. But, when I am not planning, you can find me vacationing on a beach somewhere (Manuel Antonio is Costa Rica is my fav!), cooking up something super spicy or trying out a new spot with my friends, family and incredible husband, Danny.

Meet The Team: About

Allie Pound

Event and Wedding Planner

With a creative mind and passion for service, I love planning events and incorporating each person's unique personality and taste into the design and atmosphere of the occasion.

I moved to Austin, Texas 6 years ago from the San Francisco Bay Area. In Austin, I found opportunity, and community, and fell in love with the overall excitement of the city. I worked in the non-profit sector for many years and then as a personal assistant for 3 years after that. I love incorporating this diverse experience when working with my clients to give them the personal attention they deserve.

Considered very passionate, fun, and energetic in my personal and professional life, event planning has always come naturally to me. I put my heart and soul into each event, and weddings are my absolute favorite. I feel honored and blessed to play such a major part in each client's love story! My knack for communication, positivity, and good old-fashioned hard work make me a fantastic choice as a planner for your events. 

Some Personal Stuff:

When I am not working for my favorite couples, I can be found out in nature with my two children or seeing live music at one of the city's amazing venues.

Meet The Team: About

Hannah Marie

Event and Wedding Planner

Growing up I always found myself in the middle of coordinating special events for my friends and family, so when I was given the opportunity to interview with RosePOP I felt instant excitement that I would get the chance to do something that truly makes my heart glow!

I believe a “POP” of Passion, Organization, and being Personable makes an ordinary event planner extraordinary. 

Passion - I wake up every day buzzing with ideas and strive to turn every event into the unique, special occasion it is meant to be. 

Organization - I believe that “it’s all in the details” and if every detail is attended to the event will be smooth and enjoyable. I have a solution-driven mentality and enjoy thinking outside the box with a “roll up my sleeves & get it done” approach. I love the challenge of meeting deadlines while also making my client happy. 

Personable – I enjoy connecting with clients, listening attentively to their ideas, and building a relationship to earn their confidence and trust while hopefully making their event come to life.

Currently, I am in my 4th year at the University of Texas Austin majoring in Psychology with a minor in Women Gender Studies. When I’m not planning events or writing a 20-page essay; I enjoy being in nature, spending time with my lovely family, attending music festivals, traveling to new places and most of all pushing myself out of my comfort zone.

I enjoy creating memorable experiences, connecting with people, and taking in all that life has to offer.

I feel beyond blessed to not only work with passionate, caring & creative people, but also to have the opportunity to collaborate with new clients and share their amazing ideas for their exquisite events.

Meet The Team: About
Kellee Broadway-23 (1).jpg

Kellee Fuller

Event and Wedding Planner

Salutations! I'm pretty new to Austin but I've been around the!

Planning parties comes naturally to me. As a very energetic child, my mother let me plan many house parties to tucker me out. Little did she know, I was in my element. I planned back-to-school parties, birthday parties, and pool parties. My focus was to keep the people moving. I loved great music, dancing, painting, hair braiding, nail polishing, and the occasional touch football. My favorite event was my sweet sixteen. I had rappers, full catering, and a fog machine: COOLEST PARTY EVER! 

I started my journey in Austin like I have most of my adult life, somewhere split between the theatre world and the hospitality industry. Growing up in Memphis TN, I was surrounded by live performance. My mother sang in a traveling quartet, I took acting classes nights and weekends, and went to every play I could see at the local theatre. Eventually I fell in love with the production side of theatre, where I learned the art of making plans, calling shots, and managing people behind the scenes. Like most artists, I worked as a server, bartender, and bar manager.  It's no industry secret that you can meet folks from all walks of life in a bar. I have definitely seen my fair share, from famous movie celebrities to the local "cat on head" guy (yes, he is a real person in New York, look it up!). Working with so many different types of people helped me understand the nuances of "how to read a room." I can quickly assess what is working and what needs adjusting. Skills I'm thankful for now that I hold the hot pink clipboard. 

My friends would say I'm a life organizer because I'm diligent with scheduling, focused on anticipating what is needed, and crafty at creating solutions. The fun part about planning is getting into the nitty-gritty. For me, event planning is a lot like putting on a play. The stage is set with my client's fantastic party ideas. I direct colors, themes, lights, atmosphere, music, and mood which are characters of details.  Then using connections to top vendors, all talents combined to create a Magical Extravaganza. 

Whether it's a wedding, fashion show, or picnic, I try to bring out the old razzle dazzle, enchanting communities to come together to create a spectacular experience and whole to of fun.

Meet The Team: About
Talent - Kellyn Platek (1).jpg

Kellyn Platek

Event and Wedding Planner

Throughout my life, I have always had a strong desire to celebrate others! Whether praising my younger siblings for their accomplishments or throwing surprise birthday parties for my friends, making others feel special and appreciated has consistently brought me feelings of fulfillment and purpose. 

When I moved to Austin in 2018, I took a talent development role in a school district that allowed me to make celebrating teachers a part of my career. From hosting elegant dinners to organizing awards ceremonies, I have been able to use events to make sure that the teachers I work with feel valued, understood, and uplifted. So, when I had the opportunity to plan an event for Big Brothers Big Sisters–an organization I volunteer with–I jumped at the chance to use my event planning skills to celebrate another amazing group of people. During this event, I worked closely with Jenny, leading me to joining her RosePOP Parties Team!

In addition to my passion for uplifting others, my clear communication, attention to detail, creative eye, and organizational skills allow me to plan highly personalized events that reflect the vision and values of my clients. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a client’s event vision come to life in a way that creates community, joy, and connection. 

When I am not event planning with my amazing RosePOP Team, you can find me jogging around east Austin, concocting delicious recipes, and exploring local bars and restaurants. Looking forward to planning the event of your dreams!

Meet The Team: About
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