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Meet Jenny

RosePOP's Owner and Lead Event Planner


Hey Y'all!

What's poppin'? (Yeah, I say all the outdated phrases and am the only one who thinks it's funny...).

I am a certified wedding and corporate event planner (two separate certs) and have been in the industry for over a decade - working in Austin since 2014.

Dancer Turned Event Planner

After graduating college and beginning my professional dance career, I began to be identified as the logistical, organized one in a group of dancers. While planning performance events, I was always bringing up the many necessary tasks that aren't obviously thought about and those tasks always fell to me. I was totally all about it! Turns out I love event planning even more than dancing (didn't know that was possible). Whether it be for immersive theater shows, non-profit events, or dance festivals, I had my hands in the planning side of the show. Yeah, I almost always was performing in the show, too. Commence workaholic mode.   

My Diverse Experience

As my career began to evolve, I found myself in positions planning, managing, and coordinating weddings, non-profit events big and small, school events for families, corporate team celebrations and team-building, and, what feels like, everything in between!

Finally Event Planning Full Time!

In March of 2020, I was set to be promoted to Corporate Event Planner - finally, I would get to plan events full time! But, 2020 had other plans... I stuck it out at my job but, by the summer, I was moving so far away from my event planning duties, I knew I had to take matters into my own hands. 

So, in June of 2020, RosePOP was born! Starting an event planning company in the middle of a worldwide pandemic sounds crazy but I was determined and I am SO HAPPY I did it! It is totally on-brand for me to take a leap like that during a time like that... Very action-oriented over here.

Meet Jenny: About

Best. Job. Ever


Now, I officially have the best job ever. I get to help people like you share quality, fun time together! I get to help people experience new things and, something I am super passionate about, I get to help alleviate any stress that goes along with planning an event and help you just enjoy the ride!

Adaptable, Calm and Make it Happen

With such a diverse background in events, I believe any event can be special, unique, and, most importantly, fun regardless of any of your restrictions, including budget. It will be hard to scare me off. It will also be hard to stress me out on event day. Without having to worry about doing my stage makeup, running the front of house ticket sales, and singlehandedly setting up all decor, just coordinating events is a total breeze. Anything that comes up, I will easily adapt and make sure everything runs smooth! That is my promise to you!

Meet Jenny: About

Personal Stuff

When I am not working, you can find me strength training in the gym, cooking up something [intensely] spicy and delicious (habaneros are a staple in my kitchen), planning a trip to a beach (Costa Rica is my absolute fav!) or hanging out with my family and friends most likely at a newly opened restaurant.

Meet Jenny: About
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