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Corporate Events

You and your team are busy with your day-to-day business operation but you want to host an event!

How can you possibly find the time to search for a venue, brainstorm ideas and then implement everything to create a kickass event? 

You hire a professional corporate event planner... that's how! 

Whether you are planning a client appreciation party, team building event, networking happy hour, conference satellite event, or something else we are here to bring your visions to life. (Or help you create the vision!).

Corporate Events: Event Services

Don't know anything more than the general time of year you want to host the event?

No problem! Let us know the goal of the event and we will help you select the perfect venue and pick the date that meets your goal the best.

Need to offload the entire event planning process to your professional event planner?

We are here for you. We will plan the event from start to finish with your event goals and branding. We will communicate with you as much or as little as suits your business.

Have someone on your team who can handle some of the planning but who needs some support?

We got you! We will guide you through the event planning process, sending you preferred vendors lists, helping to book everything, brainstorming interactive activities and design and helping staying on top of all the tiny details that come with planning an event.

Corporate Events: Event Services

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